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The team is responsible for conducting the project, under the assumptions and the specific needs of each client. We provide services to final users and companies to ensure the customization of the building works.
With the advice of our team of architects, our customers can participate in designing the interior layout plans, the choice of green materials, in architectural solutions and the home automation systems that can be installed. We also offer land to the previous study to determine the most suitable location, optimizing the use of light and air currents.

Complete Projects:
  • Premises
  • Facilities
  • Warehouses
  • Adequacy of warehouse and office


Implementation of energy saving solutions :
  • LED Lighting
  • Facilities cogeneration / trigeneration
  • Automated systems
  • Monitoring and control of energy consumption WMS / BMS
  • Solar thermal
  • Solar photovoltaic
  • Geothermal energy systems
  • Biomass boilers and biogas
  • Wind Turbines
  • Frequency inverters
  • Entalphy recovery

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